Tips to Get a Premium Zone 2 Genset

Zone 2 generators are specialized to supply power to a hazardous area. So, if you are running a business that involves risky operations, it’s a must to purchase this genset.

However, if you want to purchase the right zone 2 generator, you need to research. One is to familiarize the Zone 2 generator components. If you know the function of each of the components, it will be easier to spot the best genset.

Some of the components that you must check:

  • Highly-rated engine with electrical and mechanical leads
  • Engine Flame Safety Features: air intake shutdown valve, air filter, cooling system, over speed shutdown
  • Certified alternator appropriate for hazardous places
  • Pneumatic start system

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What is a Rig Safe Generator (TIPS for Purchasing INCLUDED)

If you are working in a ‘safe’ environment, you can use a rig-safe generator. However, you must be careful in choosing a rig-safe generator. Remember, this genset could also cause accidents once some factors are not considered. 

Make sure you choose a rig-safe genset that is equipped with a fire arrestor and certified DNV Lifting Frame. Also, make sure you deal with a legit provider. 

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Why Diesel Generator is Better

Most people preferred diesel-type rig safe, and zone 2 generators. The following are some of the 

advantages of using a diesel generator.

  • More Efficient. Expect a better genset performance once you use a diesel-type genset. You are also assured that this generator doesn’t get weary even after long hours of use.
  • Affordable. Another reason why diesel generators are better is that it uses a cheaper fuel. You can also buy diesel almost anywhere, in any petroleum gas station.
  • Lightweight. Most diesel genset is portable and ergonomically designed for easy operation.

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