Sizing a Generator: What to Do and Helpful Tips to Follow

Sizing a generator means that you’ll match the capacity of your genset to the needed wattage of your load or equipment. Of course, sizing a generator is not an easy task for it requires a solid foundation about how a generator works, including the skill of converting one electrical unit into another. While it is true that you can use a commercial generator sizing calculator online, you cannot be assured that the software will reflect reliable data. 

 If you want to do generator sizing by yourself, refer to the following tips:

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  • Requirement.
    Identify first the equipment that you want to run using the generator. The next thing that you must do is get the starting and running wattage of each of the equipment. You can use a generator capacity calculator to do this if you have one.  After which, compute the total power that’s needed in KW or KVA.
  • Consumption Chart.
    A simple way of generator sizing is by referring to a power consumption chart. This chart shows some of the most common equipment (residential and industrial) and reflects the corresponding starting and running wattage. If you have this chart, no need to use any industrial generator sizing calculator.
  • Manual.
    If you can’t find any reliable power consumption chart, you can barely rely on the manual of the equipment that you intend to connect to the genset.

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What are the Advantages of Sizing a Generator

  • No Overload.
    Once you do generator sizing, you are assured that your genset will not get overloaded. This is because the standby generator that you installed covers the required wattage of your equipment.
  • High Performance.
    Expect efficient performance from your genset without increasing the fuel consumption once you do generator sizing.
  • Longer Life.
    Whether you are using a land generator, marine generator, or ATS generator, expect a longer lifespan of your machine if you strictly follow the generator sizing computation.

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