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We deliver customized and comprehensive solutions and services designed to address your power needs. Whether you are looking for a genset for emergency purposes or a power equipment as a primary electrical source, our inventory covers it all!

Dependable Residential Generators

We offer a wide range of generator sets perfect for residential use. Power your appliances and provide comfort during blackouts

Top-notch Commercial Generators

Our industry genset units is capable of powering large businesses and extensive enterprises. Ensure continuous operations with a trusted power systems.

Heavy-duty Construction Generators

Be confident to operate in the field with a time-tested power equipment from a reputable generator supplier in Malaysia. Check our line of land generators.

Stable Hospital Generators

Run your medical facility like clockwork! Our whole range of generating set machines can supply power to hospitals and medical facilities of all sizes!

Excellent power source within your reach

Looking for a genset supplier? Contact our generator specialists today and know more the different gen set models and brands we offer and our renting options. Complete our online contact form or call us on (insert phone number) to schedule an appointment or send your inquiries.

Why partner with Genset Depot?

As a leading name in backup power provision, Genset Depot offers individual clients and businesses a complete roster of electric generator units, complemented with excellent service delivery. For years, we had helped a number of households and industries to maintain their power supplies, especially during power failures.
We go the extra mile to procure the latest power equipment and consumables to guarantee that every client will be provided with the right power system that fit their needs and the price they have in mind.
Here at Genset Depot, we treat our clients as our partners and we strive to provide them the best service that they deserve – from picking the right equipment to maintaining their power systems. As a one-stop-shop for generators, everything you need to resolve your backup power issues is i

Gnerator malaysia
  • Branded power product lines like Caterpillar, Cummins, Honda,
  • Wide range of generator sizes and genset units for rent
  • Competitive pricing and rental rates
  • On-time delivery of rental and purchased equipment
  • Flexible leasing options
  • Far-reaching service areas
  • Trained service professionals at your disposal