Why it is Important to use a Load Bank to Test Your Generator

A load bank or dummy load generator is very important to assess the capability and capacity of a generator to run in a specific environment. Thus, aside from looking for the best backup generator supplier in Malaysia, you must also find the right load bank provider (for rent or sale).

There are three major types of load banks that you can try: resistive, inductive, and capacitive.

Now, both the inductive and capacitive create a reactance in an AC to assess the integrity of the power circuitry and output. Meanwhile, the resistive load bank is the common type used in testing prime movers and generators.

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Uncommon Uses of Load Bank Revealed

While using load banks for testing a generator’s integrity is public knowledge, there are some uses of load banks that are not so common to the public. 

  • Reducing wet stacking issues in diesel engines
  • Testing the ground power
  • Holds load rejection tests
  • Use for data center testing (aircon and electrical system)

Indeed, prior testing of generators will make or break your business. So, if you own a land generator, marine generator, inverter generator, and ATS-equipped generator, you need to invest in running a load bank test. Otherwise, your life and business will get compromised.

Gnerator malaysia

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Finding a generator in Malaysia or even a provider of genset rental Malaysia is not difficult considering that the country is occasionally suffering from a power outages. Thus, purchasing a backup generator becomes a necessity for most people in Malaysia.

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