A Closer Look at Welding Diesel Generator 

Intermittent weather conditions, lacking power from the grid, and a combination of technical and mechanical glitches usually leave our homes succumbed to blackouts. Since we don't want our routine (at home or business) to get affected by any power outage; we really need to make the necessary adjustment.

Installing a generator as a power backup is a sure way to keep your home or office lighted even during times of unscheduled power cuts. However, you must not only use a conventional generator if you want the optimum protection. What you must purchase is a welding diesel generator.

Purchasing a welding generator is like hitting two birds with a single stone-continuous power supply for regular load plus the capacity to run your welding machine.

If you are planning to buy a welding generator in Malaysia, just call Gnerator.

Whether you are looking for a particular model of Honda welder generator, or want to find the latest diesel welder from Cummins and Caterpillar, Gnerator can help you. We can also provide genuine spare parts for your portable generator

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What You’ll Get When You Pick a Welding Genset

Not all generators are capable of running welding machines due to a high voltage requirement.

But if you purchase a weld power generator, you can join materials and do other repairs without any restrictions.

Generator for welding machines is very important, especially after the occurrence of calamities like storms, earthquakes, and flashflood. This is because a lot of people will try to repair their properties, including the perimeter fence, steel roof trusses, and metal beams. 

Some of the specs of a good welding generator are the following:

  1. 4,500 to 12,000 watts of 120/240 VAC guaranteed power support
  2. Ensures up to 325 amps of welding machine power
  3. Cheaper retail price: $1,900 to $4,500 
  4. Equipped with durable Kohler engines
  5. Passed the industry and ISO standards

If you are convinced of all the perks that only a portable generator for a welding machine can bring, purchase your unit now at Gnerator. We are known to provide premium genset services in Malaysia both for sale and for rent.  

Our experts are also on hold to answer questions regarding generators such as ‘What size generator do I need to run an inverter welder?’ or ‘What are the tips to keep my Honda welder generator running in good condition?’

Gnerator malaysia

Get Genuine Generator Sets at Gnerator 

Are you looking for a generator for sale and rental in KL, Selangor, or Klang Valley? Just contact Gnerator.

We provide a complete selection of top-of-the-line portable gensets such as a Honda generator for welding, a Honda generator for construction, and a Honda generator for a shopping mall.

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