A Closer Look at the Types and Uses of Generators

There are different types of power generators available in the market today. Some of them are best for home, while other models are designed to run business establishments. You really need to have some basic knowledge of the different types of generators and their applications; otherwise, you’ll just be wasting money and other resources.

The following are the main types of generator sets:


  • Diesel Generator.
    A genset that combines the diesel engine and electric generator to produce electricity. This generator is equipped with an alternator that is responsible for converting the engine’s power (referred to as RPM) into usable electrical energy.



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One of the reasons why a diesel generator is preferred by most people is that it uses an easily available fuel that’s also cheaper.


  • Portable Generator.
    Portable generators are power backups that can be transported in no time. However, you cannot rely upon this generator to power big business establishments for long hours. Power generators best work for a smaller area, like home, office, or food stalls.
  • Gasoline-powered.
    Another type of generator that capitalizes much on the availability of fuel. Most gasoline generators are lightweight that you can easily carry the machine from one place to another. However, gasoline generators are not that fuel-efficient compared to other genset. Also, the working life span of a gasoline generator is shorter compared to a diesel generator.
  • Standby Generator.
    Although much more expensive compared to portable gensets, expect that a standby generator can run all your appliances and equipment. This is because standby generators are designed to cater to the demand for a higher voltage requirement.
  • Natural Gas.
    If you are an environmentally-inclined person, you will prefer a natural gas generator. Select from propane or methane to power this machine. A natural gas generator works very closely to that of gasoline-powered generators (mixing the fuel and air in the carburetor before compression).


These are only some of the main types of genset that you can use to power your homes or business sites. Now, if you want to know more about the types of power generators, just contact Gnerator. We at Gnerator assure you that our products are all genuine and we provide the most affordable genset for sale in Malaysia. If you are looking for the right generator for rent provider, we can also help you with our nationwide genset for rent service. Even if you are living in the outskirt of Malaysia or just residing in Kuala Lumpur, we can provide you with genuine generators, including spare parts.

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Tips Before You Buy a Used Generator Set

If you prefer to purchase a used standby generator or portable generator over the brand-new models, consider the following tips on buying a used generator:


  • Check the Integrity of the Genset Provider
  • Ask How Long the Generator was Used
  • Trace the Previous Usage of the Generator 


Contact Gnerator now if you want to purchase an efficient and affordable used generator set. Our experts are on standby to answer queries, not only inside Malaysia, but even in other countries such as the Philippines, China, and Singapore.