Why Choose an ATS Generator

The typical backup generators do not guarantee an immediate power transition- from the commercial grid to the backup power source. Thus, you must look for a generator that is capable of providing a seamless supply of electricity, especially during an unprecedented power outage.

If you want to ensure that your home or business gets a continuous supply of electricity, you must install a generator with Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS).

Generators equipped with ATS are capable of sensing electrical anomalies from the primary power source, and once the system is deemed necessary to proceed to a backup power generator, the generator just automatically turns on.

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How Automatic Start Works in ATS Generator


If you try to look at an automatic transfer switch diagram, you will find out that all the loads (devices or equipment that used electricity) are attached to two power sources, the main and the generator set. Once the ATS generator detects that there is a fluctuation or irregularity on the main source, it will trigger the auto start mechanism of the generator to function. 

Once the generator’s auto start runs, all the electrical loads will be isolated from the main power and will only get electricity from the backup generators. Automatic switching and isolation are crucial to make sure that your equipment will not be damaged due to an unstable supply of electricity.

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