Generator Glossary of Terms and its Impacts on Customers

Some customers get lost in the middle of the transaction due to the complexity of the terms presented to them by a generator seller. If this keeps from happening, not only that the generator supplier will suffer but the customer seeking the right power generator as well. 

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10 Generator Terminologies That You Must Know in 2019

  • Alternator. A device used to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy.
  • Battery Charge Rectifier. A generator component that is responsible for converting AC voltage to DC.
  • Conductor. A passage (usually a wire) of electricity.
  • Contractor. A switch is used for controlling circuitries and is deemed to produce a higher ampere compared to a relay.
  • Cradle. The metal frame or housing that protects the generator engine.
  • Diode. A solid-state device that drives current to pass in a single direction only.
  • Dynamo.  A device that used electromagnetic induction in converting mechanical energy to electrical energy.
  • Electro-motive Force. It is the force that keeps current to pass to a conductor. This is also referred to as the voltage potential.
  • Ignition Coil. A device that’s responsible for supplying direct current to spark plugs.
  • Rotor. Pertains to the rotating element of the generator sets.
Gnerator malaysia

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