How a Genset Helps a Commerical Business

If you are a commercial business owner in Malaysia, Power cutoff could bring significant loss to your business. Always remember that installing a standby generator could save your business.

Some of the power genset that you can rent or purchase:

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  • Cummins.
    Your oil and gas company in Kertheh, Kemaman District, will be in good hands if you choose Cummins diesel generator. You will get genset efficiency without spending much once you use this generator.
  • Yamaha.
    This company is known to provide an advanced generator set. You can purchase a silence Yamaha generator or Yamaha with ATS as power backup.
  • Caterpillar.
    As one of the manufacturers of reliable generators, expect the best from Caterpillar. Caterpillar diesel generator is known to work well, even in the most demanding working environment.


When it comes to gen set for sale or gen set rental in Kemaman, contact Gnerator. With our complete selection of power generators, we can provide uninterruptable electricity to any business.

Gnerator malaysia

How to Maintain a Diesel Power Genset


  • Lubrication.
    Using a dipstick, regularly check the generator’s engine oil. Also, change the oil and filter in a regular interval.
  • Cooling Mechanism.
    You have to check the coolant level before shutting down the unit. If needed, you can add a genset coolant (at most ¾). Remember that maintaining the right temperature will keep the genset in good condition.
  • Check the Batteries.
    One of the common causes of a genset failure is weak batteries. So, you must charge the battery of the generator from time to time to prevent any major glitch.


Do these procedures, and you will get the most out of your genset. If you want to know more, contact Gnerator. A team of generator expert is on hold to take your call.

Gnerator is the leading diesel generator service provider in Malaysia. If you’re looking for genuine spare parts, we can also provide. We offer affordable genset for sale and genset for rent across the country. Call Gnerator now and find the generator that will propel success to your business.