Why Use Diesel Generator

People who are experienced enough would always pick a diesel generator as their power backup. This is because diesel generators are so flexible to use that it can provide a smooth power transition for your residence or business establishment.

The following are other advantages of using a diesel portable generator:


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  • Low-cost.
    Diesel generator price is way lower compared to natural gas, solar, or bi-fuel genset. Also, you will not have a hard time looking for a ‘diesel’ since it is widely available in all gas stations.
  • Fuel-Efficient. Another positive is on the diesel generator efficiency. You can save a lot of money since this type of generator consumes a lesser amount of fuel (diesel). In fact, in every 1 liter of gasoline, you will just need to spend half a liter of diesel to get the same level of performance.
  • Cheaper. Diesel is affordable compare to gas, solar, and biofuels. That is why most people tend to invest in this type of genset because they can get the same service (in terms of providing electricity backup) without compromising much on the cost of operation.
  • Lesser Maintenance. Since diesel generators do not have carburetors or spark plug, you don’t need to do regular maintenance. 

These are only four of the several perks that you can get once you chose a diesel genset. Now, if you are planning to purchase diesel generators (whether a land generator, or marine generator), you need to call Gnerator now.

We assure you that our diesel generators are all genuine and passed the industrial standards. If you want to ask questions like ‘how much is the latest model of the Cummins diesel generator?’ or ‘how to rent a Caterpillar genset in Malaysia:’ we can also assist. Our team of experts is on the standby to take your call and answer random questions related to a power generator.

Gnerator malaysia

What are the Disadvantages of Diesel Power Generator

In terms of the diesel generator parts and functions, no doubt that you can get a lot of advantages.  However, there are also some disadvantages of diesel generators that you must also consider:

  • Get Weary.
    One of the problems of purchasing a second-hand genset is that that there’s a big possibility that the machine has been weary through long years of usage. Even if the generator looks stunning in the outside, you cannot be assured that the applications of diesel engine and components are still intact.
  • Warranty Fails.
    Unless that you order on an established genset provider, expect lesser warranty protection if you purchase an old generator.
  • Too-Good-to-be-true.
    Most of the time, second-hand genset is cladded with a lower price, but it’s a red flag. There’s a high possibility that instead of purchasing a premium model genset, what you’ll be buying is just a finely-tuned and restored one.

If you want to buy top-of-the-line diesel generators in Malaysia, just call Gnerator. We have the complete selection of top brand generators, including Honda generator, Cummins generator, and PowerPro generator.

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