Why You Must Stick to Genuine Genset Spare Parts

Expect nothing but the best performance once your generator used genuine spare parts.

Genuine spare parts also constitute more savings, longer life expectancy, and machine reliability.

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Common Engine Parts of Generator That you Must Know (Diesel Type)


  • Alternator.
    This is the spare part that is responsible for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy through a process called electromagnetic induction.
  • Fuel System.
    This basically holds the diesel supply of the generator. Most of the diesel generator’s fuel system can contain diesel for up to 8 hours of straight operation.
  • Voltage Regulator.
    This component is very important to prevent any discrepancy of voltage and AC ampere since these two both rely on the speed of the generators’ engine. If no voltage regulator that will set the voltage to make it aligned with the AC output, this will definitely cause damage to the generator.
  • Cooling System.
    To keep your generator from getting overheated, you must install a good cooling system. The concept of the generator’s cooling system is the same as other machines. All the heat produced in generating electricity, especially from the alternator, will be routed to a coolant fluid. The heat will then be discharged off the open air or will be dumped into a secondary coolant system.

These are some of the generator spare parts that you must take into consideration if you want your generator to function well. However, if one of these gets damaged, you can always find a genuine spare at Gnerator.

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Gnerator malaysia

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