What is the Formula for Determining the Diesel Consumption of your Generator?

Calculating the diesel consumption of your generator is not a Herculean task. In fact, what you need to get this done is just a basic background on Mathematics and considering some not-so-complicated formulas.

Before you proceed with the formula for fuel consumption of diesel engine generators, it is best if you convert the KVA power unit to kilowatts (kW). You can easily do this since most diesel generators come with a three-phase output in which power is equal to Voltage X current X square root of 3 X power factor. 

Power factor is simply the ratio of the actual power consumed to perform a task versus the apparent power that is supplied along the circuit.

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How to Calculate the Diesel Generator Consumption per Hour?

For example, if you have a 10kVA  generator set that consumes diesel as follows:

1/4 load- generator consumes 1.5 ltr/hour

1/2 load- generator consumes 2 ltr./hour

3/4 load-generator consumes 3 ltr./hour

Full load- generator consumes 5 ltr./hour

If this generator is equipped with a 3-phase, 400-volt output with connection points enough to provide three single phases 230 volts supplies, each supply will be rated with 3.3 kVA and be capable of 3300/230= 14.3 amps. 

Now, if you connect a load consisting of different heating appliances drawing 8, 11, and 13 amps respectively; your calculations will be: 8 X 230 + 11 X 230 + 13 X 230 = 7360 watts/ 7.36 kW (about 3/4 load). Hence, the generator’s fuel consumption is about 3 ltr./hour.

This formula is applicable for generators of all sorts. Thus, it is very easy to compute the 100kVA diesel generator fuel consumption, 125 kVA diesel generator fuel consumption, and 200kVA diesel generator fuel consumption.

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